Specialty Matcha & Bites

We believe that matcha is not only for drinking, but also for making the most of it by skillfully incorporating it into our daily lives. We propose a new, vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that combines the hidden potential and benefits of matcha (beautiful skin, anti-aging, stress relief, and the effects of caffeine, which is different from coffee) with superfoods that are indispensable for modern people. We will create a new matcha culture where Japanese traditions and trends coexist and Western and Eastern cultures merge.

Awesome! Pink Matcha

Signature item made with Ceremonial grade premium matcha tea and combined with superfoods such as beets, hibiscus and strawberries.

The superfoods used are expected to improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, reduce swelling, and help with weight loss.

LocationsSouth Korea
# of Stores~50
Size15 seats~
Customer Unit Price600 JPY~
Investment Level10,000,000 JPY~
Royalty5% of monthly revenue
CompanyMIT Co., Ltd.

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