Not Ramen, Not Udon, It’s a New Taste!

Fascinated by Mazesoba, which originated in Nagoya, Takuma Ishikawa, founder of KOKORO (now CEO), opened his first shop in January 2014 in Ookayama, Ota-ku, Tokyo, with the desire to make the then little-known Mazesoba available to Tokyo residents.

The first shop was said to be in a difficult location for business, far from the nearest station (Ookayama Station), where many ramen stores had opened and disappeared, but it quickly established itself as a thriving shop thanks to its friendly customer service and outstanding products.

This new genre of ramen has been praised in many countries and is spreading around the world.

LocationsJapan, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines
# of Stores~100
SizeJapan: 8~12seats / Overseas: 30~120seats
Customer Unit PriceJapan: 1,200 JPY / Overseas: ~20 USD
Investment LevelDepend on country/region
CompanyKOKORO Co., Ltd

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