Love your daily life with a little thing

Simple sweets cannot be faked. That’s why we are so particular about simplicity. Soft serve ice cream, a simple dessert, is made with carefully selected ingredients.

The taste is rich and tasteless, simple and easy to eat. You can copy the shape and taste, but you cannot copy our vision of introducing the newness and possibilities of soft serve ice cream to the world through this small soft serve ice cream. A new concept of soft serve ice cream.

Always creative, Hitmaker

Always original and “Kawaii” items that make you want to take a picture of them. The store is a hot topic that attracts the attention of many media outlets.

# of Stores~50
Size10~ seats
Customer Unit Price600 JPY~
Investment Level10,000,000 JPY~
Royalty5% of monthly revenue
CompanyMIT Co., Ltd.

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