Yoshinoya Group “Shared Restaurant” achieves 750 openings. Challenging the restaurant business with zero initial investment.

The number of business openings using the “ShareRestaurant” matching platform developed by Yoshinoya Holdings Group’s ShareRestaurant Co. has surpassed 750.

Shared restaurants are a system whereby existing restaurants are temporarily rented out, allowing prospective entrepreneurs to take on the challenge with “zero initial investment” and peace of mind. The business practice of renting out space is fraught with problems, such as “lack of clear liability in case of accidents” and “going against the landlord’s wishes,” but Shared Restaurant acts as an intermediary between restaurant owners and entrepreneurs, providing “insurance that all entrepreneurs must take out,” “clarification of liability issues and financial flow based on contracts,” “sales promotion for entrepreneurs,” and other services to create an environment in which prospective entrepreneurs can feel secure. The company also provides “insurance coverage for all restaurant owners”, “clarification of liability issues and financial flow based on contracts”, and “sales promotions for restaurant owners”. It also contributes to improving the profitability of restaurant owners, thereby reducing the number of business closures.