Out hearts are put into shape -Four ways of OMOTENASHI by FUTAGO-

Our kind of Yakiniku is only made possible with the best-of-best WAGYU beef delicately taken care of with our passion to bring out its ultimate quality to life. We keep pursuing luxurious entertainment along with your meal.

Our kind of OMOTENASHI means the warmest hospitality you can imagine. We serve you with a class and elegance, but most of all, with our hearts. We pursue to be on the same wavelength as our guests.

Our kind of place turns your ordinary day into extraordinary with a Japanese touch. You will thoroughly enjoy our Japanese utensils shaped with the passion of the artists.

The moment you enter FUTAGO, your spirits will be lifted up. Before you know, you are ready for this special palatal experience.
We pursue to offer truly bliss experience to our precious guests.

# of Stores~50
Size10~35 seats
Customer Unit Price15,000 JPY~
Investment Level40,000,000 JPY~
Royalty5% of monthly revenue
CompanyFTG Company

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